agile Business analysis training

Train to be a Business Analyst

Agile & SDLC Methodologies

Train to become an agile professional and get yourself familiarized with SDLC methodologies. Get yourself acquainted with all phases of a project and the dynamic role that a BA plays along the cycle of development of a solution


Supporting Tools & Technology

Tools & technology are the greatest assets for a Business Analyst. Get acquainted with tools such as, JIRA, Confluence, Visio,  Excel, and many more. Shine as a business professional enriched with much needed IT skills


Capital Market & Financial Products

Learn in-depth about capital market products such as, Derivatives, Fixed Income & Equities.  Know how to apply the acquired knowledge in real life projects and tackle real world problems. Hands-on training to familiarize yourself with capital market


Career Management & Interviews

Aligning career goals with desired jobs is our goal. Bias-free career counseling is offered to recent graduates and professionals looking to switch jobs or pursuing a new career. Interview and on the job support is also offered


Become a Successful Professional – Become a Business Analyst

Expensive degrees may not be the most effective form of breaking into the job market. Train yourself and acquire skills to become a lucrative candidate for the companies. BA Training is dedicated to ensure you are well-prepared to tackle all the obstacles in the world and excel as a professional

About US

BA Training is an initiative by 9780068 Canada Incorporated. At 9780068 Canada Inc, we are dedicated to making sure you are not only prepared to succeed in acquiring desired certification but also able to apply the knowledge in the world. The career path of a Business Analyst is ever-changing and to keep updated with the latest knowledge and skillsets, BA Training has introduced this program to train recent graduates and professionals who want to break into the world of Business Analysis.BA Training is an initiative by 9780068 Canada Incorporated.

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